Testimonials on "How to Make Yourself Irresistible"

Excellent. A "10" for sure
Judy Woods, Educator

Very interesting. Good combination of information and humor. I am going to try it out tonight.
Jan Smith

Very good and interesting presenter who interjected lots of humour in her talk.
Sue Nicholson

Great! Very useful information. The presenter is enthusiastic and knows her information and topic.
Carol Anne Smart, Retired Registered Nurse

Frederique was a good way to start my day.
Adrienne Winslow

Interesting, upbeat, amusing, well presented, held everyone’s attention.
Dianne Troost

It was a very enjoyable evening and I was very impressed with your presentation. You were able to get the audience engaged at the beginning and kept them engaged all the way through by getting them to participate in games/practice sessions at varying intervals.
You said at the beginning if we are able to retain one of the points we learn during a session then we have moved ahead. I have retained a number of points, and therefore I am further ahead than before!
Debbie Graham, Accountant

You were wonderful yesterday. I really learned a lot and I think all of us felt we had taken much away from your great presentation.
Diane Castillo

Testimonials on "How to Read People Based on their Handshake"

Never knew there was so much to a handshake! Thank you so much!
Rohir Ghosh

Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar on the Handshake, aboard the cruise ship, The Zenith. We both learned quite a bit about the history, styles, and meanings of the different types of handshakes. In addition, your presentation was lively and filled with humor, which made it even more enjoyable.
Scharrion and Ira Kieves, Guests on Celebrity's Zenith

I loved it! You entertain intelligently.
Jo Anne Oatridge, Retired Teacher

Very entertaining, energetic, sincere and enjoyable presentation. You are delightful!
Rozanne, Retired Teacher

A session not to be missed. Thank you.
Dipak Singh

Kudos to you for making a difference to people like me!
Maria Lagarde

Well done with humour and interesting info.
Bonnie Fredenburgh, Retired Teacher

Thanks for a good lesson!
Zhiming Wang

Testimonials on "Training Your Mind for Success"

Unique! I’ve never done a session like this.
Steve Thorpe

I felt you are a natural for presenting this type of seminar. You did it with total ease.
Jack Jagernauth, Professional Engineer

I enjoyed your exuberance!
Paul Shemilt, HR-HUB

Dynamic, focused, life-motivating
Stephen Ilott, Professional Organizer, Decluttering.ca

Your voice and music makes one feel comfortable and very relaxed
Edwin Chan

Excellent. Listening to the music and hearing the positive affirmations at the same time was very effective.
Donna Kumar

Your presentation is informative and encouraging.
Chrissie Godin, Clutter Rescue

Testimonials on "Letting Go"

It is my opinion that today's seminar is a necessary strategic tool that people really need.
Rainer Noack

It was very helpful. More people need to hear this.
Cindy Harris

An excellent look at hypnosis; The 10-minute session was very relaxing
Diane Doherty

I am ready to let go on many levels. LOVED IT!
Evelyn Horlacher

I love the simplicity of the way it was explained - and then letting go
Fran Holden

Very enlightening and encouraging to start to reorganize my life
Maria Ambroszkiewicz

I was not sure of what this whole seminar would do for me, but I was very impressed.
Sylvia Unger

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your presentation, Letting Go Through Hypnosis. You eloquently and convincingly enlightened me to do away with any vague preconceptions that I had about hypnosis. I found the group session, based on guided imagery, to have been vivid and exciting, and the perfect first experience to hypnosis.
Thank you for having the time to speak with me after your presentation, especially given the line up of people that were eager to talk with you personally. You are an excellent public speaker and master of ceremonies--one of the best that I have personally seen--and I hope that you will keep me apprised of any future events that you plan to hold.
Rob D'Souza, Oakville, Ontario

Frederique Herel introduced me to the power of hypnosis and visualization in her engaging seminar. I purchased her audio CD on abundance, which brought me to a new height of awareness. This month I landed a big project with a client that will generate thousands of extra dollars this month of unexpected income. Visualizing abundance really works!
Nick DeCastro, Computer network specialist, Altuno Inc.

Frederique Herel opened the evening with an energy and charisma that filled the room immediately, while quickly engaging her audience with a question we were all compelled to answer.
She led the audience through an exercise, "Letting Go Through Hypnosis". Her humorous demonstration of what we think hypnosis is cleared away any preconceived concerns, including the fear of not remembering anything while in a trance. This paved the way for Frederique to describe how hypnosis works to help us let go of some of the emotional baggage we might be carrying around. Once she gained our confidence, Frederique led us through a brief exercise to experience hypnosis first hand. In about ten minutes I could not believe how relaxed I felt; the day’s stress seemed to melt away.
Kate Jones, B.A. (Psych), M.Ed., Soft Skills Training and Speaking Services