The following links will take you to Frederique's other websites. Enjoy!

The Way of the Mind

The purpose of this website is to attempt to make sense of our seemingly crazy minds, to understand why we think, act or react the way we do, and to find our way through the mind. It contains self-improvement articles on Relationships, Motivation, Anger and stress management, Grief, Sleep, Memory, Money, Smoking, and much more.


Get insights into palm reading, discover the hands of famous people, book a session by telephone or in person, try a quiz, watch funny palm-reading videos, and much, much more.


This is where you can find information on hypnosis, as well as purchase a multitude of hypnotherapy recordings on topics such as stress release, weight management, abundance, rejuvenation, quitting smoking, pain reduction, sleep, and much more.

Belly Dance

This website presents quite a few pictures and videos on the various belly dance classes I offer. These can be held at birthday parties, stagettes, on cruiseships, or at any gathering of people wishing to have a good time.

Mediterranean Cruise

This site was created during our 6-week Mediterranean cruise in 2008. Entirely designed by my partner Michael Kozak, this website contains photos - also taken by Michael - which are able to virtually take you on Celebrity's Galaxy to visit Italy, Greece and Turkey. Enjoy!